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Yasuni Carrera 16/07 Kevlar

YAS428CK Aprilia/Piaggio/Gilera 2T 70cc The Yasuni C16-City exhaust system is the road legal version of the C16-Carrera race pipe. It can be used in conjunction with the centre stand and if derestricted the performance is absolutely identical to the C16-Carrera version. This pipe is a high performing pipe which really likes to rev (makes for high top speed) and is ideally suited to cylinders upwards of mid-race e.g. Malossi 70cc MHR Replica, Stage6 Racing MKII 70cc etc. This exhaust is too highly tuned to work well with 50cc or 70cc sports cylinders! As usual the Yasuni quality is perfection with all joints perfectly sealed with O-rings and perfect hand TIG welding. All necessary brackets/ fittings are included. The Yasuni C16 exhausts are designed and perfectly handmade in the Yasuni factory in Spain and carry full CE approval certification and are E-marked and fully legal for UK road use unless derestricted. Choose between Aluminum, Black, Carbon or Carbon Kevlar rear silencer! Note: The Yasuni C16-City exhausts is fitted with 2 restrictors, 1 in the silencer, one in the downpipe throat. 20.360,00ден.
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